Bangalore is unique in many ways. It has the most pleasant weather throughout the year which got itself the name “Pensioner’s Paradise”. It is the only cosmopolitan and multilingual city in the country which has welcomed everyone who wanted to make Bangalore their home and this speaks of the hospitable nature of the Bangaloreans. Bangalore, known only within India a couple of decades ago, has now found its place in the world map due to the export of software and software professionals to the entire world. Bangalore is now on everybody’s tour itinerary while visiting India and we have made a sincere attempt to provide all the necessary information both to tourists and residents of Bangalore. If there is any information which you feel should find a place in this website, please drop us a line and we would certainly consider it.

Garden City

Legend has it that the 17th century ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore, Hyder Ali, liked the cool Bangalore climate and so planned a garden that was named after his beloved sister ‘Lal Bi’. The garden he built is none other than the famous Lalbagh Gardens that is still visited by many in the city. During British rule, they expanded the garden and developed Cubbon Park, creating a green haven in the heart of the city. Until the early 21st Century, Bangalore was known for the canopies of trees that lined its busy roads (still visible in some parts of the city). This abundance of greenery earned it the nickname, ‘Garden City of India’.


Crescent Bungalow

• Three Bed Rooms
• Attached Bathrooms
• 24 Hours Hot Water
• Television
• WiFi
• Traditional Kerala and Continental foods

Nearby Attractions

Adventure / Responsible Tourism



Lal Bagh

Lalbagh Botanical Garden is located in Bangalore and is a nationally and internationally renowned centre for botanical artwork and scientific study and conservation of plants.


MG Road

One of the busiest roads in Bangalore, MG Road or Mahatma Gandhi Road is a hub of recreational and commercial activity in the city. Swarming with people at almost all the time, MG Road is a one-stop destination for a perfect weekend shopping adventure.


Bannerghatta National Park

Housing the country’s first butterfly park, this nature preserve has a huge variety of fauna, making it one of the most enjoyable tourist attractions in the city. Tourists can also opt for Safari rides through the park. One can spot lions, tigers and crocodiles among numerous
other animals in the park.


Cubbon Park

This Park is a major sightseeing attraction, with 300 acres of green foliage. Having been laid down by Lord Cubbon, it is an ideal place for nature lovers and those seeking a calm atmosphere.


Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

Also known asDariya Daulat Palace, the Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan is one of the main tourist attractions near Mysore, in Srirangapatna. While Tipu Sultan was ruling Mysore, for a small span of time, he had shifted his capital to Srirangapatna.



Bangalore Aquarium is the most famous and largest aquarium in Bangalore, and the second largest in India. Established in the year 1983, this aquarium offers on display a variety of ornamental as well as exotic cultivable fishes including Siamese Fighters, Catla, Freshwater Prawns, Goldfish, Red Tail Shark and many others, hence is an ideal place for casual exploring in Bangalore.

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