Marine Drive

The Marine Drive was built on the land reclaimed from backwaters and the initial plan was to build a beautiful road along the coastline but the coastl... Read more

Hill Palace Museum

Hill Palace was the abode of erstwhile Maharaja of K ochi and was converted to a Museum in 1986. The museum complex exhibits crown and ornaments of th... Read more

Willingdon Island

Willingdon Island was created by the visionary harbour engineer, Sir Robert Bristow, who foresaw the possibility of creating a man-made island while d... Read more

Bolghatty Palace

Bolghatty Island is a short boat ride away from mainland Kochi and has the Bolghatty Palace, which is one of the oldest existing Dutch palaces outside... Read more

Paradesi Synagogue

The Paradesi Synagogue, in a corner of Jew T own, is almost 500 years old and houses many rar e antiques. The synagogue, which woos many visitors, add... Read more

Dutch Palace

During the early decades of the 16th entury, the Portuguese had plundered many temples in K ochi. In 1555, they built the palace and presented it to K... Read more

St. Francis Church

The church’s history dates back to 1503. I t owes its origin to the Portuguese Franciscan Friars, who reached Kochi along with Pedro Alvarez Cabral.... Read more