Nakshatravanam is a nursery of trees maintained by the Thenmalai Eco-tourism Society. According to astrologers, each tree is associated with a star th... Read more

Suspension Bridge

The Suspension Bridge is a 400 f eet long bridge situated in Punalur Town. This bridge was constructed acr oss the Kallada River during 1877-78 under ... Read more

Butterfly Safari Park

Asia’s first butterfly safari park is Thenmalai, in the K ollam district of Kerala. Measuring 3.5 hectares, the butterfly safari park climate recrea... Read more

Palaruvi Waterfall

The Palaruvi Waterfall is located close to Thenmalai. The literal meaning of Palaruvi is ‘stream of milk’. The best time to visit the waterfall is... Read more

Thenmalai Dam

The Thenmalai Dam is consider ed to be one of the longest reservoirs and popular picnic spots in K erala. This dam was constructed under the Kallada I... Read more