Esteemed Brand

Our teas are in high demand among packers and traders for their quality and safety. We not only supply directly to national and international packers ... Read more


Our eco-friendly agricultural and processing practices embody our philosophy of ‘Good Agricultural Practices’, utilizing best practices fo... Read more

Quality Control

As producer and marketer, we control product quality and logistics. This bolsters our commitment to sustainability, transparency and traceability in p... Read more

Product Range

Our strength is our heritage; a history that dates back to 1857. Uniquely located estates that cover the cover the gamut of agro-climatic regions allo... Read more

100% Certified

We are the first tea plantation company in India to be fully certified with ISO 9002 for its tea factories.  It is also the first rubber plantation c... Read more

One-Stop Destination

We have the capability for bulk/customised manufacturing and shipping and can be a single supplier for the sourcing, blending, packaging and shipping ... Read more