Our basket of Rubber grades

The Range of products

Natural Rubber

  • ISNR grades (Technically Specified Rubber)
  • RSS (Ribbed Smoke Sheets)
  • Pale Latex Crepe (PLC)
  • Sole Crepe
  • SKIM Crepe.


  • High Ammonia Centrifuged Latex (HA)
  • Low Ammonia Centrifuged Latex (LA-TZ)
  • Double Centrifuged Latex

New products

  • Deproteinised Natural Rubber Latex
  • Nitrosamine Free Natural Rubber Latex
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Natural Rubber and Latex:

Natural rubber is a very strategic raw material with variety of applications. It is estimated that almost 50000 products are made from Rubber .These products range from simple products of daily use to very high tech products used in Engineering and Aero space.  HarrisonsMalayalam Limited, Popularly known as HML has a glorious history dating back to the early 19th  century. The birth of HML is concurrent to the birth of the organised plantations in south India. The First HML plantations were planted with Rubber in the year 1903.

HML is part of RPSG group of companies and is singe largest producer of Natural rubber in India, We are the industry leader in Natural rubber production , having the rubber estates located in prime rubber growing areas of the country. With high standards of business ethics, values and unflinching commitments to the concern of the environment, HML stands as a model corporate citizen of India.

HML is the one stop shop for all the grades of Natural Rubber. Bulk of the produce is in the form of High Quality Centrifuged latex which is much sought after by the manufacturing Industry. HML has pioneered the concept of branding in an undifferentiated product like centrifuged latex and offers various specs of materials to specific Industries based on their Requirements.In addition its market leadership in  common natural rubber grades Like 60% single and double centrifuged latex, ISNR ,SKIM ,RSS and High value Sole and PLC grades, HML also offers other specialised and environment friendly natural rubber based products such as De-proteinised latex, Nitrosamine free latex (TMTD free) as well as Ready to use products for the packaging Industry in the form of PSAs and Water Repellent Coatings.


Harrisons Malayalam Limited, brings to you some innovative and revolutionary water based pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) under the brand name LATXSIVE which are developed for the 1st time from primarily base natural rubber latex. Latxsive is ideal replacement for all acrylic and Solvent based rubber adhesive with providing superior quality with no associated fire and health hazards. This can be used on various substrates and amenable to various coating methods and is a ready to use material eliminating the need for expensive Capex .

Latxsive does not contain any type of solvent and any hazardous chemical, is biodegradable with a positive environmental footprint. It is a ready to use product and can be used on existing facility of manufacturers.


These adhesives are formulated with a most suitable, coat ability, wettability , spreading properties and can be coated with great ease on various substrates and used in variety of applications:

  • Low energy surfaces like , PVC, PP, PET, PE films
  • Variety of papers like , calendared Kraft , crepe paper etc
  • Metal Foils
  • Elastomeric / polymeric Foams
  • Cotton or Synthetic Fabrics
  • Non Woven Fabrics

Tape / Coated Product Industry wise application:

  • Automobile
  • White goods/ Equipment’s
  • Insulation , Heat and Cold
  • Insulation Electrical
  • Surface Protection
  • Masking
  • Mounting and Holding
  • Repositionable packaging, Packaging especially for Cold Storage.
  • Reduction of Noise Pollution , etc.

Nitrosamine Free Latex

Nitrosamines(NA’s) are chemicals produced in the Latex system and have been receiving special attention with in the rubber industry because they possess high mutagenic and carcinogenic potential. Harrisons Malayalam Limited has developed NITROSAMINE FREE CENTRIFUGED LATEX as a significant step towards moving away from nitrosamines due to safety concerns and evolved a safer technology towards nitrosamine free , low ammonia TMTD free, rubber latex preservation.

Advantages of Nitrosamine free latex:

  • 100% Carcinogenic free latex.
  • Eco-Friendly product.


Application: High technology dipped goods such as Gloves, Condoms, Catheters, Medical tubes, baby toys, baby teethers, Latex foam mattresses, and Carpet& rugs backing.

Packing size: 194 kgs drum for 60% Dry rubber content (DRC).

De-Proteinised Natural Rubber Latex

100% biological and eco-friendly product from the house of Harrisons Malayalam Limited, De-proteinised natural rubber latex (DPNRL) with extractable protein content less than 50µg/g is specifically manufactured to reduce  natural rubber latex protein allergy type-1.

Applications: It is very useful in Gloves, Condoms, Balloons, Catheters, and many more rubber based medical products manufacturing.

Packaging: Available in 194 kg MS drums for 60% DRC.