Lockhart Estate of Ltd has received reputed certifications like Trustea, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ in one go. “Such certifications enhance the marketability of our tea in the national and international markets apart from bringing real positive changes on the ground.

“Tea bearing these labels will assure its buyers that the tea has been produced according to an internationally recognised standard for responsible production,” N Dharmaraj, the Whole Time Director and Chief Executive of the company said. It recently went through a rigorous verification process by an independent third party and complied with respective Code Standards, a company press release said. The estate located near Munnar comprises 687 hectares of tea with an orthodox factory, producing about 2 million kg of orthodox tea annually under the Lockhart and Lockhart Gold brands. According to Dharmaraj, sustainability has been an integral part of farm management practices in HML tea plantations. Being certified has solidified commitment to environment, workplace safety, product quality and safety. Lockhart is the second estate to get such certifications after Wentworth estate in Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu. Rainforest Alliance is a New York based non-governmental organisation working to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior. UTZ certified is Netherlands based organisation working towards sustainability of plantation crops. Trustea is an initiative of Tea Board aiming at promoting sustainability in Indian tea plantation sector.