Pattumala or ‘hill draped in silk’ is a fascinating place.This silken hill in Peermade in exhilarating Idukki, has charms like no other. The lofty peaks, the little streams and the green expanse of the tea plantations give the hills an ethereal beauty. An early morning walk through all this breath-taking loveliness might make you want to come here again and again! There is a delightful flower garden nearby. Pattumala is also home to one of the biggest name in the tea production sector – Harrisons Malayalam.

Pattumalay Estate

This Estate originally belonged to a private foreign company.
The total area is 232 hectares.
In early stages, Pattumalay estate had mulberry trees and silk was extracted from their cocoons and dispatched to distant markets. Hence the estate came to be known as Pattumalay. As the years went by, the mulberry trees were replaced by the more lucrative tea gardens. In 1935 Malayalam Plantations Ltd.
took over the estate operations. The development of Pattumalay Estate began in 1943 by Mr. BM Mar, the British manager of Pattumalay Estate.
In1984 the company was renamed as Harrisons Malayalam Ltd.
Then the company became the part of RPG Group in 1989. Now it has become one of the high-yielding tea estates of Central Travancore, producing rich orthodox tea. The estate also owns Central Travancore’s only orthodox tea factory which has a capacity of 15000 kg per day.


Wallardie Bungalow

• Two Bed Room
• Attached Bathrooms
• 24 Hours Hot Water
• Television
• 4 Km from Vandiperiyar town and 15 K m from Thekkady .
• Nearby attractions: Thekkady

Oaklands Bungalow

• Two bedroom bungalow
• 24 hours hot water
• 9 Km from Vandiperiyar town and 19 km fr om Thekkady.
• Nearby attractions: Thekkady


Moongalar Bungalow

• Three bedroom bungalow with attached bathrooms
• 24 hours hot water
• 10 Km from Vandiperiyar town and 15 K m from Thekkady
• Nearby attractions: Thekkady, Vagamon

Nearby Attractions

Cultural Assets


Wildlife Photography

This Hilly and Wild location is a v ery ideal paradise for Wildlife Photographers and Enthusiast’s. Shutterbugs can zoom and shoot a whole range of diverse life forms in every angle and direction’s in this magnificent natural habitat with its pristine flora an d fauna.



As part of our cycling tour you will visit Pattumalay Tea plantation, rich with tea estates and is a must see stop in the tea-growing region. Here you’ll be greeted by miles of lush plantations and will have an opportunity to take a fascinating look into the history of tea production.
The bike trip is different from anywhere else in the country due to high altitudes, hills and cool breezes — a lovely contrast to the tropical landscapes of tea plantation.


Zip Line

We have South Indias longest Zipline in our Pattumalai Estate. Zip line is an outdoor recreation/adventure sport where a freely moving pulley is used to ride from the top to the bottom of an inclined cable. Racing against your friends and family as you zoom ground to ground over tea plantation, the zip lines make your adventure that much more fun since you can experience it simultaneously.



Camping is more than just getting away. Sharing stories around a campfire and gazing up in silence at a star-filled sky . It refreshes our heart to be with nature’s beauty and remind us that life doesn’t need to be quite so complicated after all.



There are various kinds of treks organised by the TEPs for all kinds of trekkers. There is a soft trek for 4 km, another one on the riverine biking trail route, where bikers ride halfway and cover the rest of the distance on foot.


Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari at Pattumalai Estate is a delight for adventure lovers and photographers. In fact these Jeep safari tours have added excitement and fun to the journey. Open Jeep Safari is the best wa y to explore the flora & fauna of Pattumalai Estate. When people go on a safari in Pattumalai Estate they expect to find untamed nature and unspoiled landscapes and they are not disappointed.
The Pattumalai Estate is the perfect habitat of variety of animals and provides the flexibility to explore especially those places that are difficult to travel via any other mode of transportation.


Factory Visit

The fresh buds from the fragrant tea bushes draped in mist are collected by the enthusiastic women folk of Pattumalai estate. The green leaf turns into black tea when subjected to the orthodox style of manufacture at Pattumalai factory. It is the oldest orthodox factory and also Central Travancore’s only orthodox tea factory with a capacity of 15000 kg per day. The estate was established in 1931. The present management maintains and preserves the machines installed 150 year back.

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