The name Wayanad has been derived from the expression vayal nadu the village of paddy fields. In ancient times this land was rule d by the Rajas of the Veda tribe. In later times, Wayanad came under the rule of Pazhassi Rajahs of Kottayam royal dynasty. When Hyder Ali became the ruler of Mysore, he invaded Wayanad and brought it under his swa y In the days of Tipu, Wayanad was restored to the Kottayam royal dynasty.
After Tipu was killed the entir e Malabar area came to the British. This was followed by fierce encounters between the British and K erala Varma Pazhassi Rajah of Kottayam. Even when the Rajah was driv en to the wilderness of Wayanad, he waged several battles with his N air and Kurichia-Kuruma tribal soldiers against the British tr oops and defeated the latter several times using guerrilla-type encounters. The British def eated the Rajah who committed suicide somewher e in the interior for est.

New turn
Thus Wayanad fell into the hands of British, a nd with it began a new turn in the history of this area. The British opened up the plateau for cultiv ation of tea and other cash cr ops. Roads were laid across the dangerous slopes of Wayanad from Calicut and Tellicherry. These roads were extended to the city of Mysor e and to Ooty thr ough Gudalur. Road facilities provided opportunities for the people outside W ayanad to flow and settle in these jungle r egions.

Gold Mining in Nilgiri–Wayanad

The Nilgiri–Wayanad region lies at the southern end of the W estern Ghats, in the western par t of Tamil Nadu bordering the states of Karnataka and Kerala. During the 19th and 20th centuries, this ar ea was governed by a complex network of actors that included the East I ndia Company, local princes and landlords, the British and, fr om 1947, the state of I ndia. For a larger part of history, the Raja of Nilambur ( which was a vassal state of the princely state of Calicut) was the ruler of the r egion. Therefore, all land transactions in the r egion for agriculture, mining and plantations were conducted by the Raja of Nilambur. During early 1800s up to the beginning of the 1900s, the Nila mbur rulers leased land for coffee and tea plantations, and for gold mining.


Wentworth Estate

This estate originally belonged to the East I ndian Tea & Producer Co Ltd. The estate is located on either side of the Calicut-Ooty r oad on the Tamilnadu-Kerala Boundary.The development of Wentworth Estate began in 1859, when Mr . Alfred Wright, a British officer, received some land from Cherangaodu Chatu Kidavu, the ruler of the area. In 1936 the development of estate was completed with the amalgamation of nearby Kannambyle, Cherambadi, Golesland and Choladi estates.

Covering a tract of o ver 5000 square kilometres, the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve is India’s first biosphere reserve with extensive forests, a rich repository of flora andfauna and a source of great rivers, including the Kaveri. Cherambadi (where Wentworth Estate is located) is about 40 km fr om Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu. It is known for its tea and coff ee plantations of major gr oups such as Harrisons Mala yalam, Parry Agro etc. While ambling through these estates, you can see wild elephants, leopar ds and other smaller mammals that fr equent here. The area acts as an elephant corridor between the three states.

Heritage Bungalows in Wentworth Estate –

Colonial style Heritage Bungalows in W entworth Estate are located on the top of the T ea Hill, which gives a 360 degree breath-taking view of the surr ounding tea plantation, which is filled with calmness, gr eenery and fresh air. The spacious and comfortable bed rooms decorated in traditional interiors come with traditional r ed oxide flooring and interesting relics of the past. The per fect place for a restful sleep while you are in Nilgiri Wayanad!. Our bungalows are certified under Toft Tiger to reiterate our commitment to pr otect the nature and the environment.

Golesland Bungalow

Built about 20 years ago for the Assistant Mangers of the estate, we now offer it to nature and wildlife enthusiasts. The astounding flora around is rich with huge r osewood trees affording plenty of lovely shaded areas where you can relax in a hammock. The huge verandas are a favourite place for bookworms. Golesland bungalow is a wildlife enthusiast’s haven, tucked in the Wentworth estate Golesland division. We offer two bedroom with all meals. Safaris and nature walk are guaranteed to fetch elephant sighting. With luck the elusive tiger or leopard might also be seen on a thr ee night stay.


Cherambadi Bungalow

A three-bedroom bungalow built in 1930s. All bedr ooms with attached western toilets and washrooms. Running hot and cold water is a vailable round the clock. Bungalow is also pr ovided with 24 hours butler ser vice, Living room, Dining room ,Kitchen , Television and Newspapers etc. Guest are treated with delicious food fr om pampered butler.

Nearby Attractions

Cultural Assets


Wildlife Photography

This hilly and wild location is an ideal paradise for wildlif e photographers and enthusiasts. Shutterbugs can zoom and shoot a whole range of diverse life forms in every angle and direction in this magnificent natural habitat with its pristine flo ra and fauna.


Factory Visit

The Factory permits visitors on all working days to familiarize themselves with the Orthdox Black and Green Tea manufacture. Wentworth Tea Factory was built in 1910 . The tea pr oduced in the Factory was sent to London via Calicut. . Experience what goes into making a perfect cup of tea b y visiting us at Wentworth Factory.


Blakes Hydram

Back in the mid 1800’s John Blake developed the Blake’s Hydram. It is a hydraulic ram pump that uses nothing but the force of the water flowing down the “drive pipe” to lift water to a maximum height above the hydram of 150 meters.
Only two numbers with this seriel ar e in India.1st is at Choladi W entworth Estate and 2nd one is at Taj Mahal, Agra.


Bike Riding

A Solo or with a pillion rider, all your motorcycle rides in this tactically laid routes with lot of impr essive curves and twists, with a panoramical natural views, will surely elevate your pleasure and freshness quotiant to a new level.



Choose your spot, depends on y our challenge level and just start to climb upward. Plenty of Trail Options will unfold in front of you and your team.



With a numerous species of birds in this bio-diversity hotspot people can spot and shoot all these color ful and active creatures in its own habitat. E ven you can witness very rare birds which are native to this amazing r egion only.Try your luck with your cameras and binoculars.


Into the Wild

Muthanga and Tholpetty forests in the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary are the foremost and targeted tourism destinations in Wayanad District. Exotic and rare species of Flora a nd Fauna.

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