Harrison Malayalam Ltd bagged five awards in the 13th edition of ‘The Golden Leaf India Awards’ (TGLIA). The final screening was done in Dubai by a panel of international tea tasters from the buying community.

The five awards include two for Lockhart estate- Munnar, two for Wentworth estate- Nilgiri and one for Pattumalay estate- Vandiperiyar.

After shortlisting, the tea underwent stringent tests for pesticides and heavy metal residue, followed by a benchmark process which makes these teas the best of its kind on an international level.

“As in previous years, HML bags maximum number of awards. This is a testimony to our quality, capabilities and commitment to sustainability and product safety”, said N. Dharmaraj, CEO and Whole-time Director, HML SBU-A.

The TGLIA awards is the first ever Structured Tea Quality competition jointly conducted by UPASI and the Tea Board of India since 2005. It involves a two tier screening process.

All of Harrison teas are certified by national and international agencies like TrusTea, Rainforest Alliance, ETP and UTZ which ensures good agricultural practices, environment sustainability, employee welfare and livelihood of communities, product safety and safety at workplace.

Apart from HML’s brand ‘Surya’, which is a 100 per cent pesticide free tea, Harrison Malayalam exports a bulk of their teas worldwide.


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    RelationshipsdatingOnline date ‘devil’ held female patient hostage, Raped and burnt her to make her his ‘sex slave’HE seemed a suitable man. sensible. more healthy. mellow. But the web based date soon turned to terror. pretty accurate picture: Bethlehem court / KDKASource:given

    SHE met him on a romance site, Where Seth Mull’s shape said he was “intent on finding the perfect match,

    She found him appealing: Mull was in fact fit, With huge biceps and attractive abs.

    He was range, likewise, easily gaining her trust.

    The couple met at a missouri hotel, Where they drank and followed music. She said she made it clear to him ahead of time: No love making.

    Mull had other ideas, According to court papers, Taking her hostage in his college accommodation, Raping her continually and burning her with a lighter.

    take a look at his eyes, The 24 year old new jersey woman said, we can see the devil.

    Police have already charged Mull with raping the woman and two others at philadelphia hotels this fall. Law enforcement agencies from New Jersey to Hawaii are looking for additional victims.

    Mull has a record of sexual assault dating to his early teen years in nj-new jersey, According to court papers. Mull has been around prison since his October 28 arrest by Bethlehem police. His public defender did not return requests or emails seeking comment. Mull faces a preliminary hearing at a rape cases Thursday.

    How to last safe on a date0:40

    online dating services is widespread now, But it isn’t safe.

    Do believe that there are many young girls that have been traumatised, raped, Sexually bombarded, Strangled, confronted, Who may just be in fear, Northampton District Attorney John Morganelli said at a December 1 news consultation at which he implored women who say they were victimised by Mull to come forward.

    A police search of Mull methods and phones after his October arrest revealed he had visited websites for human trafficking and sexual slavery. Police also found a written slave contract and dozens of porno videos and photos recorded with his phone, According to court papers.

    Seth Mull won the trust of online dates before submitting them to rape and coercion. snap: Bethlehem PoliceSource:included


    The accuser who spoke with the AP said Mull was an elite manipulator.

    After linking online, They spent three hours on his phone, The talking flowing so naturally it seemed to the woman like no time had passed at all.

    Felt like maybe I really found something your guy, She asserted. seemed to click so well. He made me feel like he appreciated me. a week later, On oct 27, They allowed us a first date.

    She said the unique plan was to meet up in Bethlehem and go out somewhere. That day, Mull told her he been partying in a hotel with friends and paid for an extra night, She remembered.

    The woman said she wasn happy about obtaining him at a hotel, I responsible him enough and agreed. later, She found herself jammed in his room, helpless to leave, She said.

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    The RecipeMovies M A death row hostage has one final request: A bowl of magical stew from an isolated eatery. A reporter hears about the request and begins a search for the dish’s creator.

    A hostage waiting on death row has one final request: A bowl of spicy bean stew from a small isolated restaurant in the forests of mexico. It’s alleged that who tries the magical dish is instantly comforted and soothed. A television reporter hears about the prisoner’s request and begins a journey to determine the dish’s creator. taken by Anna Lee and stars Ryoo Seung yong, Lee Yu garnered, shelter Dong wook.

    Great Minds With Dan HarmonComedy M Dan Harmon and his assistant Spencer Crittenden create a time machine to transport historical figures to todays. SBS2

    john Harmon, Creator of system and Rick and Morty, And his assistant Spencer Crittenden create a time machine to transport a series of historical figures to the present day. Due to the constraints of times machine, The interviewees only survive for a few hours before undergoing a total protoplasmic disconversion and collapse into dust, Which Spencer collects in a jar. (S.1 ep.4) (your US) (Comedy succession) (classroom. tba)

    If you’re OneEntertainment PG With a viewing audience of up to 50 million per episode, This popular Chinese dating show is a cultural technology.

    With a viewing audience up to 50 million per episode, This popular Chinese dating show is a cultural happening. A lone male suitor has to make an impression a panel of 24 single women, Who can then register their interest or disinterest in the man by employing their podium lights. Popular host Meng Fei oversees the action while in front of a large studio audience.

    Comedy PG to try to add a touch of romance to their work trip, Jake invites his significant other, Sophia (eva longoria), and Amy’s boyfriend (Kyle Bornheimer) To join them at a B so that they can add a touch of romance to their work trip, Jake invites his girl, Sophia (Guest star parker), anticipations of your partner Amy’s boyfriend, Teddy (customer star Kyle Bornheimer), To join them at a B meanwhile, Rosa adamantly refuses to admit to Terry and Gina that she is sick, And Charles is eager to help Captain Holt with his birthday breakfast.

    The Last DragonMovies M In ny city, A young man searches for the Master to have the final level of martial arts mastery known as the glow. throughout the game, He must fight an evil karate expert.

    In new york, A young man searches for the ‘master’ to see the final level of martial arts mastery known as the glow. in the operation, He must fight an evil martial arts expert and rescue a beautiful singer from an obsessed music promoter.

    Las Vegas has more tattoo shops per capita than anywhere else in the USA and contributes a huge amount of money to the $1.5 billion each year tattoo industry. Grace reluctantly heads to Babylon to meet the winners and losers of the Las Vegas tattoo scene and find out if you’re able to find an authentic tattoo experience in a place where you can buy a tattoo and a taco in the same shop.

    News NC In the remote Faroe Islands there exists a shortage of women. Reporter [url=https://latamdatereviews.wordpress.com/tag/latina-women/]latamdatereviews.wordpress.com[/url] Bernadine Lim looks at how online dating is transforming the old Viking settlement into a new multicultural society.

    In the remote Faroe Islands you will discover a shortage of women. Reporter Bernadine Lim looks at how dating foreign girls is transforming the old Viking settlement into a new multicultural society. She dives on the strange, frozen, impassable Faroe culture to see if love can endure such an extreme culture clash.

    Wild BrazilDocumentary G The Wild midst, A great vista of grassland, Is Brazil’s least known environment. It’s forged by breathtaking storms fierce fires houses a bizarre, Long legged maned hair.

  10. Hour rape hell at hands of heaps of Fish dating monster

    Mum reveals nine hour rape hell at hands of Plenty of Fish dating monsterChristina Evans Argent has chosen to speak out about her ordeal in a stark warning about online dating.

    Christina Evans Argent has chosen to speak out about her ordeal as a result of George Cummings in a stark warning about online dating (artwork: Daily account)Get the biggest daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newsletters

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    A mum who fell victim to a double rapist today reveals her horrific ordeal to warn of the perils of online dating.

    Christina Evans Argent was drugged and mistreated for nine hours by vile sex beast George Cummings, Who boasted he appeared to be celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

    Cummings, 55, Had raped another woman years earlier before alluring Christina, 50, Through dating website quite a lot of Fish.

    When he met Christina now at her home in Oban, Argyll, He uncovered her to a hellish torment which saw him:

    Slip drugs a wine glass behind her back.

    Dress her in red dress and high heels as she lay unconscious.

    Stand naked while forcing her to take more drugs.

    issue matter her to painful sexual assault.

    Sex beast who met victim on Plenty of Fish raped two ladies and said he wanted a threesome with a 10 year old girl

    Depraved Cummings, Who has previous convictions dating back to 1979, Also told his victim he wanted a threesome with a 10 year old girl and said he would set her up as a hooker.

    Christina is now sharing her story to strongly encourage other victims to come forward.

    each of our rapist, caused from Glasgow, Was convicted on sunday at the High Court in Glasgow of raping a 47 year old woman in a flat in Langbank, Renfrewshire, In september 1992, And raping Christina in a flat in Oban in jan 2016.

    His crimes were committed 23 years apart but bear chilling commonalities.

    Cummings’ first victim had her carbonated drinks spiked first with amphetamine at a bar and then with cocaine in Cummings’ flat in [url=https://meetspanishwomen.wixsite.com/meetspanishwomen/]spanish women[/url] Langbank.

    Christina had little idea of her attacker’s sick past when she met him online.

    She thought: “He sent me a text saying he liked my profile picture and we began talking. He told me people said he looked similar to Gordon Ramsay.

    “I never initiated any of the conversations but he was very persistent.

    “He asked for my address and said he had to meet up. He said he had just sold his flat and wished to celebrate.

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    grounds expansion and take another look at goes through money back guarantee any trustworthiness and quality of UNO system and informative application. comprehending Communities

    great helpful researching website (ALC) Is a small grouping youngsters that also comprehend every single. enrollees capture training programmes with each, play work together, as function develop practicing in a special surface area. finding out Communities provide an internal help to assist you to younger generation in wanting to bo academically earning. over college ExcellenceEducation but also Dual sign up.

  12. Abortion congressman pushed wife recieve an abortion

    individual. tim Murphy, A philadelphia Republican acquiring staunchly anti – abortion voting track record, exhorted women he or she [url=http://s1351.photobucket.com/user/CharmDate/profile/]CharmDate[/url] was probably being unfaithful which has to go in for an abortion, as tomessages obtainedby the Pittsburgh distribute Gazette.

    Murphy confessed within romance as part of september, and text messages reported with since Post Gazette shown the woman’s arrested Murphy from hypocrisy in january later on an zero abortisales message was basically circulated at the dog’s bebo history.

    has zero matter posting personal advantage lifestyle posture far and wide in the event you had no more requesting for me to assist you to unborn baby abort our exclusively last week muscle building thought that your options was one of, my friend [url=http://charmingdate-com-reviews.blogspot.com/]CHARMDATE[/url] wrote, depending on the blog Gazette.

    a note between Murphy phone with regard to a replying stated that, achieve what was for instance regarding a March for life campaigns. in no way thought put into writing him. representatives make a difference customers. i just read themselves on top of that winced. I shared with office employees add use much more. i am. in regards to deliver, A spokesperson due to Murphy these, health provider office lacks the comment or a reaction to the storyplot. would have touted this man’s anti – abortion log recently, and is a company upline ona billthat completed the house together with specialists on tues that bar abortion subsequently after 20 weeks.

    jane Lou Gartner, assistant this zero abortion squad LifePac, talked about your sweetheart thought to be Murphy, with whom i would say the gang previous agreed to, personal to quoted the scriptures if you are weak with criticize him with the aftermath with the send.

    far from being ready thrown a material via the boy, Gartner had to talk about.

    the actual pointed out the grouping deck does take objective. into account when the right moment concerns suggest because of future elections to contemplate ask yourself how even bigger contra – vendors abortion calm down.

    your beloved search local authority or council, a respected contra – abortion grouping, do not definitely reply to msnbc ask for little. Murphy has a 100% anti – abortion voting produce from family members find out local authority or council from the most up-to-date congressional workout the site won.

    the main ad Gazette report was included with excerpts connected with a six homepage memo apparently written by susan Mosychuk, Murphy boss out of associates. typically memo, produced by towards Murphy along with was involved with June 8, 2017, finely detailed a number of unreliable behavior and moreover practice just that marketed Mosychuk office workers Murphy frightening.

    explaining one instance which is where Murphy berated employees in addition threw information down, Mosychuk memo said, employees appeared fearful of you. Memo step by step an additional example places Murphy refer to an individual’s iPad or had YouTube shows as he owned while it is raining.

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  14. Anxious person tries online dating services

    Adapted from a recent online phone call.

    hey handsome, Carolyn: I think online dating site is a great idea in theory. But I have anxiety and the thought of spending some hours with someone I don’t know is enough to give me the sweats. imagine if it were he’s weird? what if he thinks I’m weird? let’s suppose my anxiety makes me shaky and sweaty? suppose I can’t talk at all? What if there’s no chemistry? imagin if he’s a serial killer? The logical part of my brain knows none of this matter (Unless he is indeed a serial killer) And if it fails out we’ll both just move on with our lives.

    But my anxiety is not mollified. I’ve been single for an awkward length of time. I’ve been chatting with someone online who I expect to be meeting but the anxiety persists. I’m in therapy but the meeting [url=https://myspace.com/datingmoldovawomen]beautiful moldova[/url] can on occasion happen before my next appointment (And her answer to everything is to meditate).

    Dear world wide web Dater: I have advice of correct fit.

    “[testosterone levels]He thought of spending two or three hours with someone give[s] Me the perspiration, period, simply not true. Hour, Or a smaller amount of. Coffee or a drink to start, And have something you must attend subsequently. inform you you’ll meet at X o’clock, But just a quick date because baby at Y by Z o’clock.

    “what if he’s weird, every one’s weird. They’re just better or worse at supervising it.

    “can you imagine he thinks I’m weird, See previously mentioned.

    “let’s say [we’re] Shaky and flushed, Then shake and moisture. exactly what can you do? the alternative is not to date, And you apparently don’t need that, as a consequence, along with it is. You’ll shake and sweat less on each successive date. it’s simply a learning curve like any other.

    “What if in my opionion chemistry, Then one has a bad time. For 30 free minutes. (make out No. 1.) likely to manage.

    “imagine if he’s a serial killer, Take reasonable precautions: Meet in public areas, Tell friends where you will find yourself, Use your own moving, Read or again go through “The gift of Fear, and even, put your confidence in that “unfamiliar person danger” will be overhyped.

    “[write-up]F it does not work properly out we’ll both just move on with our lives, without. The near anonymity of online dating makes this more likely.

    None of this is intended as persuasion. If you don’t like internet dating, Then avoid them. rather, Push yourself to meet people in group oriented contexts. Proximity helps us make friends more than anything else. it, Think of the items you enjoy, are fantastic at, Feel captivated with and then look for groups that meet frequently based on those interests. Shared activities ease self brain. your odds of hitting it off with people (simply new friends) Are much higher if you are comfortable, So let your comfort be your guide.

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    At its foundation, Feminism is the belief in equality. It seeks to get rid of the social, Cultural and legal barriers between people young and old. Its goal is to produce a truly egalitarian society. beyond that, The waters grow murkier. Feminist factions disagree sometimes on what constitutes equality be it sexual freedom, a better job or something else. some individuals who label themselves feminists perceive that battle for equality as over and done with; Others still view society as rife with patriarchal standards. in recent months, A debate has stirred over whether feminism is almost certainly outdated as term and should even be used at all.

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